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be well, do good work, keep in touch.

Moger’s Visit Seattle!

Since our last post, Isaiah’s family came to visit us here in Seattle! We had a great time exploring the city, indulging in at least two restaurants per day, and relaxing and catching up with one another. Since neither of us were able to celebrate Christmas at home this year, we were eager for family to spend time with. 

As I mentioned, we spent a lot of time in restaurants. When they arrived here from Michigan, our first stop was to Orrapin Thai up here in Queen Anne. Nate loved this restaurant last time he was here so we were happy to go again. After that we took a nice walk around the Neighborhood, saw Kerry Park, had coffee at Cafe Fiore, made our first stop at Trader Joe’s, and enjoyed the nicest weather we’d have all week. We spent time catching up and and getting settled in for the week during the afternoon. For dinner we ate at Via Tribunali- one of Isaiah and my go-to restaurants for nice evenings out. And it’s right down the street. Lucky!

Here’s the only group shot we have of the whole trip at a local Brewery- Hale’s Ales. We liked getting the pic taken in front of the emblem. And bonus! George and Diane so thoughtfully sent us a gift in the mail yesterday, complete with a gift certificate to Hale’s. So we can enjoy it again! Diane and I had fun drinking beer out of 6oz. glasses.

Of course we had to visit Pike Place Market. We ate at the Crumpet Shop, saw the original Starbucks, almost got arrested for stealing a poster, watched people doing their thing at Beecher’s Cheese, and swooned over the pretty fruits, vegetables and winter blooms.

(you can ignore me acting like a 7 year old)

After a busy morning at the market, we set off on a Ferry to Bainbridge Island. Mr. and Mrs. Moger have an old connection (it gets fuzzy after that) with a couple that used to do business with Mr. Moger (Isaiah’s grandfather) who now lives here in Washington! Needless to say, we were so happy to learn that we would be spending an evening with Ott and Flossi while the Mogers were visiting. The ferry is such a fun thing to experience when you’re in Seattle. We had dinner and caught up with the sweet couple in town. Unfortunately, no photos were taken of the famous two. If I come across any I’ll be sure to post them, because you won’t want to be left out. They are fabulous!


On one of the final days they were in town, Nathan invited some of our friends from camp over for a little siesta! George and Diane whipped up a delicious dinner of fish, bread, sweet potatoes, brie and crackers, and salad. It was phenomenal! By the way, I am determined to learn to cook as well as Diane. I though I was doing well, and I might be, but she could look at our list of foods that need to be eaten before they go bad and use every single one of them in a meal! I was truly amazed. 

Isaiah and I may have had one too many glasses of wine at this point, and that matress isn’t usually there, but the rest of the group is looking good! 

All in all, it was a fantastic week. We were sad to see them go, but so thankful that we were able to spend time together. 

Isaiah, can we please go to France? I’ll die if you take me. 

Isaiah, can we please go to France? I’ll die if you take me. 

"Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand-and melting like a snowflake…”
- Francis Beacon, Sr.

Happy New Year!

So the holidays are officially over and it’s time to kick off a brand new year. We had a fantastic New Year’s Eve spent with some of our favorite friends in Ballard. It’s such a fun holiday with all the champagne, glitter and time set aside to set resolutions for the months ahead. Last week we decided on a mantra that would help guide and remind us of our ambitions for 2011. You may have heard the quote by Garrison Keillor- “Be well, do good work, keep in touch”. For us, this is such a great reminder of the important things in life. Our specific goals are based off of each of these categories. Our main objectives are to spend more time outside, cook more meals together, volunteer, and spend as much time with our family and friends as we can. 

We’ll let you know how we’re doing as the year progresses. It was bright and sunny today in Seattle, the perfect start to an exciting year. We hope that you all were able to spend time reflecting on 2010 and gear up for the year ahead. 

Until next time, here is a picture of us writing our first post together at Bauhaus! 

Rachel and Isaiah

Isaiah and I decided to take the plunge and start a blog together. We hope this will be a place where we can share our stories and pictures with friends and family throughout the year. This Christmas was the first year we spend the holidays together. Although it was such a blessing to be together, we still missed our siblings, parents, friends, and everything that makes home so special. Our day consisted of breakfast in bed (around noon), cozy socks, coffee, pecan pie, and time with friends. We are so thankful for the friends we have here in Seattle who made this Christmas what it was. 

All Love, 

Rachel and Isaiah

Missing the snow.
via anthropologie.

Missing the snow.

via anthropologie.